The restaurant business has been a learning experience for our family. We cook for you as we would cook from our own home. Sometimes it’s “authentic Mexican,” sometimes it’s Tex-Mex or borrowed from another Latin-Hispanic Culture, and sometimes it’s just plain good because it is.

Regardless, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Manny, Christal, Sarah & Lucas Villaseca



Customer Reviews


Hands down one of the BEST authentic Mexican restaurants out there. Love the overall attitude of the place.. they remember my family every time we go in! I would recommend it to anyone!

This place is amazing. Everything the owners make is delicious.

This is some of the best Mexican food around. I have yet to have something that didn’t make me want more. They are always coming up with some new items and they have some of the most reasonable specials. Don’t let this place slip past you… Judge for yourself. Oh, I never liked tamales until I tried La Tienda’s tamales. The Sarah tamale is my favorite!!

After researching authentic Mexican restaurants, I stumbled upon this gem in downtown Liberty. The store is intimate, and the staff is incredibly engaging and I found myself laughing with/at the owners who are hysterical! The food is made to order while you wait so it’s completely hot and fresh when it arrives at your table. I would rather wait a few extra minutes to have this amazing treat than settle for some run-of-the-mill restaurant. My favorite is the mushroom, spinach, and chicken quesadilla. And the FLAN is to DIE for! Please take the time to visit this amazing family-owned restaurant!

This place is not the biggest or the fanciest but it has the best Mexican food in the area. My wife and I eat here regularly because the specials are always different and amazingly yummy. Try it once for yourself and see.

The food at La Tienda Chiquita is great and the folks are wonderful. The flavors and freshness of the food was outstanding, especially when I compared it to the Mexican meal I had a week ago at a chain restaurant. The flavors of all meals our party had were wonderful and the ingredients of each worked extremely well with each other. The portions were healthy and very affordable. The owners (also the cooks) and waitress (sorry, I don’t remember your name, but I will when I stop by next time) were friendly and fun to talk with. There aren’t many tables, but that’s OK – some of the regulars who had finished their meal and were just visiting, got up and helped clear the table so we could be seated. Those are loyal customers! Don’t expect fancy; expect a “tiny store” which just also happens to serve great Mexican food!


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